1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yadi card of the week #14

This week's Yadi card isn't really a card but you wouldn't know it by just looking at it on a computer screen. This week's card also serves a dual purpose as it also our EBay pick up of the week. So what the heck am I talking about? Printing plates baby-2013 #210 Bowman Chrome Yellow. Why do you see three images? Well because I have been able to pick up three of the four plates (Yellow, Magenta, Black) for us. Hopefully the fourth one will pop up sooner than later. I have had some luck pulling printing plates, 2014 Topps Series 1 I pulled a Miggy, 2013 Topps Update (?) I pulled a Jose Battista, and in a group break of 2014 Gypsy Queen this year I got a Waino printing plate. I am not sure if others think of these as cards but I guess I do.


  1. That's an awesome accomplishment. I hope you grab the fourth sooner than later.

    1. Thanks Fuji, I lost out on another plate which would have given me two of another ahhhh