1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Look for Us Saturday

We will be going to see the Redbirds play the Giants on Saturday, since the Giants stink we were able to get very very good seats. Funny, we last went 2 years ago when they were less stinky and same $$ for tickets had us in good seats. The worse they get the closer we get to the field. We will be in Section BB, second row behind home plate! Though there is a little pole, it isn't bad. I grabbed the view from our seats from the web-but believe me I will be taking pictures. So look for a heavyset, bearded Redbird fan-and that will be us. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Better than a Blaster Canada Edition

I haven’t been buying much lately, except vintage, autos, and a few boxes here or there. However, I did recently win a 2700 card lot of all different Redbirds for less than the price of a hobby box!
OK, let me re-center-I bought some cool vintage for my birthday last month and will show them off. But for half the cost of a blaster I am most excited about picking up my oldest Canadian issued baseball card, a 1933 World Wide Gum (Goudey) Bi-Lingual back #46 Ethan Nathan Allen-not the Revolutionary War hero-the native of Cinci.
He played from 1926-1938 in in the Majors with the Reds, Giants, Cardinals, Phillies, Cubs, and Browns respectively. His stint with the Cardinals was 1933 during which he played 91 games, had 280 plate appearances, scored 25 runs, had 63 hits, 0 home runs, 36 RBIs and .241 BA/.291 SLG %s.
Hold the presses-I didn’t know this and thank you Wiki. Ethan was the inventor of the Cadaco-Ellis All-Star Baseball Game!
After his playing days he became the coach of Yale’s baseball team from 1946-1968. Included on one of these teams was future President Bush.

The image is from the listing and I think the card is in VG+ condition. The Bi-Lingual backs are more challenging to find, and for me I probably would have paid less attention to the card had I not noticed it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

GAC #9 Part 5-Full Size Inserts Part #2

Sport Fish and Lures

Bluegill +2
Rainbow Trout +2
Tarpon +2
Spotted Sea Trout +2

Yellowfin Tuna +2

Favorite Team Category +7
Favorite Player Category +5
Penalty, Bonus, Yanks Category -5
Short Print Category +11
Full Size Insert "What a Day" +25
Full Size Insert "Sports Fish and Lures" +10

Box Total +53

GAC #9 Part 5-Full Size Inserts Part #1

What a Day
Gary Sanchez +1

David Ortiz +2
Mookie Betz +2
David Price +2

Three Da@# red Sox!

Noah Syndergaard +2
David Wright +2
Jacob Degrom +2

Three Da@# Mets!

Kyle Schwarber +2
Clayton Kershaw +2
Carlos Correa +2
Andrew McCutchen +2

Buster Posey FP +4

Favorite Team Category +7
Favorite Player Category +5
Penalty, Bonus, Yanks Category -5
Short Print Category +11
Full Size Insert "What a Day" +25

Box Total +43

Sunday, August 27, 2017

GAC #9 Part 4-SPs Full Size

As I said before I can only go up from the last category! Short Prints are back baby! All Plus 1

SP #301-
305 Ty blach

306 Marcel Ozuna
308 Jordan Zimmerman

315 Willie McCovey
326 German Marquez
332 Yangervis Solarte

333 Dallas Keuchel

335 Lorenzo Cain
344 Bartolo Colon
340 Hanley Ramirez
347 Warren Spahn

Favorite Team Category +7
Favorite Player Category +5
Penalty, Bonus, Yanks Category -5
Short Print Category +11

Box Total +18

Saturday, August 26, 2017

GAC #9 Part 3-Penalty/Bonus & Yanks

Third category is the penalty, bonus, and Yankees-isn't it weird that New Yorkers aren't Yankees but Mid Atlanticers and their biggest rivals are actually New England Yankee Boston Red Sox. Reminds me of one of our local craft breweries who came out with a New England Style IPA recently but named it after Poughkeepsie, NY!. They never answered my email pointing this out.

Michal Kapral (#160) -1

Nick Jonas (#214) -1

Paris Locks (#143) +2


4 Babe Ruth -1
15 Gary Sanchez -1
88 Tyler Ausitn -1
97 Aroldis Chapman -1
259 Roger Maris -1

Category total -5

Box total 12-5 =Box Total 7

Can only go up from here!

Friday, August 25, 2017

GAC #9 Part 2-Favorite Players

First, one FP I didn't pull was my own. Perhaps I should have gone with Dexter Fowler which will make sense later.
Jose Abreu (base card #232)

Jose Altuve (base card #184)
Kris Bryant (base card #1)
Anthony Rizzo (base card #44)
Giancarlo Stanton (base card #19)

Category Total +5

Box Total +12

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Let Us Get the GAC 9 Show on the Road! #1

So, when I woke up last Monday my little Mac laptop wouldn't allow me to click using the mouse pad. So after some starts and stops I finally set up appointment at one our Apple stores this Tuesday to get it fixed. Alas, my pack by pack A&G box break is on that computer along with pictures. However, I really want to get the show on the road. So I thought I would post by scoring category-I.E Favorite Players, Favorite Team, Inserts, etc. etc. Hopefully the Comish will understand

First my Favorite team Base pulls (all foil of course):
Rookie Luke Weaver

Wizard of Oz
Big Mac

Stephen Piscotty

Randal Grichuk

Waino SP. This Waino card  really shows how the foil makes these cards pop.

Favorite Team Base Card Category Total. 6 + 1 SP=7
Box Total 7