1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Acts of Kindness #4

As we prepare for Gint a Cuffs 2015 I thought I would post another set of autos sent by David. Here are the veterans-Kolten has had a very good year so far. 51 Runs, 11 HRs, 42 RBIs, 11 bases swiped, .275 BA, and a .431 Slg %. He has also been a wonderful defensive player. I always appreciate getting his autographs. We currently have 5 autos including this one a 2014 Topps Stadium Club. I seem to always pull a Kolten either myself or through a group break which makes me happy.
Now one of the Birds having a rough year. Matt Adams.  However, I think he can bounce back-but since I don't have a scanner you will have to take my word that David sent this one (2015 Panini Prizm) out to us.
David also sent an auto (2012 Gypsey Queen) of one of our favorite former Cardinals-Allen Craig. It has been very difficult for us to watch the demise of Allen, whom we call Cal because he attended UC Berkeley and was a Social Work major. In 48 years I haven't seen such a slide-well except for Brad Lidge after Albert took him deep in the LCS in 2005. After an unsuccessful stint with Boston following his trade last year he has been at Pawtucket where he is currently not doing so well. He has scored 20 runs, had 59 hits, 2 home runs, 18 RBIs, and has a batting average of .266 in 263 PA. I fear that he will not last much more than this year in the Boston system, even if they owe him some $$$.  Thank you again David!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Acts of Kindness #3

Part three of ? Acts of Kindness-Reader David's package of cards included among other items several autos-all new to our collection. First up the "little" Birds-Mike O'Neill 2013 Topps Heritage Minors and 2013 Donruss Elite Extra Edition, unlike the image I grabbed off of Ebay-the one David sent is #ed 7 out 100! This from MLB Trade Rumors "O’Neill, 26, was added to the 40-man before the season started to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. He has yet to see MLB action, and has only 163 career plate appearances at the Triple-A level, where he owns a .297/.401/.341 line. Across 796 Double-A plate appearances over the last several years. O’Neill has slashed .306/.407/.382.
Needless to say, his calling card is on-base ability; last season, he reached 91 times via walk while striking out just 37 times. That prompted Baseball America’s Ben Badler to tweet that O’Neill had the best eye in the minors." Well, he is back in Memphis and hitting close to what he was when he was DFAed. At 27, nit sure he will every make it to the Big Show.

Now some one that will make it to the Bigs, possibly soon. 2014 Bowman Inception Auto/GU Jersey Stephen Piscotty from near by Stanford U. He has been trying 1st Base since the Birds have had difficulty getting production from that position. UPDATE-he has gotten the call up and hopefully starts today.
Again, some great cards sent by David.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Yadi!

Yep, though for most us this is another Monday at work-for Yadi he is preparing for yet another All-Star Game which is a better feeling than loosing two tough games in the 'burgh. Yep, Yadi turns 33 today. Let me see in 1982 I was a young High School student-the Redbirds when their first WS since 1967-and Yadi is born-a very good year indeed.

                                                             Yeah, it is my birthday!

                                                                Happy 33rd Yadi!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Acts of Kindness #2

Recently I received an email from Ray over at All Cardinals All the Time who let me know he may have an extra Yadi item I might be interested in. First, you gotta love a guy whose blog is All Cardinals All the Time! An excellent blog so please check it out. I let him know I was indeed interested in the item, funny thing is that I was looking at this item on Ebay but couldn't pull the trigger. So what is it? A Peoria Chiefs (Card's Midwest League Class A affiliate) SGA of Yadi on a 8x10 canvass frame! In 2002, when he was 19 he played in 112 games for the Chiefs. With the Chiefs he had 393 plate apperances, scored 39 runs, 110 hits, 7 HRs, and a .280 BA. Fielding-let us just say the Cardinals must have known he was special. He had a fielding % of .985 and allowed 45 stolen bases while he caught an astounding 49! Ray was also kind enough to include a Rookie Card I didn't have. Many thank yous Ray! Here is California we have no basements, for good reason, so off to the office it went. What it looked like when I unwrapped it, then what it looks like on my office wall-I am sure my Redbird's shrine is driving Giants' fans here crazy.
The Yadi Rookie new to my collection- 2005 Upper Deck First Pitch #258 that Ray included.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Acts of Kindness #1

Recently a few readers have contacted me and have been so kind to have sent Cardinals cards and items my way. One of these readers is David from Alaska-he sent me an email and let me know he had some Cardinals' cards he wanted to send my way-so when a Priority mini-box arrived I was blown away by the staggering amount of cards-autos, game, used, parallels, inserts-and of course Yadis. I have been putting aside Royals and Mariners. Though it may take a little time to put the quality of items you sent my way-but I haven't forgotten-and again thank you so much David. So is the first of a series of posts showing off this kindness. I will also show off the goodies sent or given by Ray and Jim. First up, the Yadis-of course the first ones I want to show off. I have to say that I am now a fan of the new Donruss issues-99% of these Yadis I added to our collection. Man I really need to get a scanner-first up the 2015 Donruss issues.

 Now the 2014 Donruss, including the bottom left A serial #ed card with his .284 carrer batting average #ed 36 out of 284.

 2014 A&G Mini Framed Relic!!!!

  2013 Topps Heritage New Age Performer and 2014 Topps Archives Deckle,
 2013 Topps Gold Chipz-I haven't picked up any of this product and man are they heavy, I guess I didn't know what to expect.
 2014 Topps Stadium Club-love the photography on the Stadium Club cards-would love to get a box or two of this year's issue.

Again thank you David-I tell you what I have got to get a box of this year's Donruss. Next up-Autos.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Should of bought the other two boxes...Better than a Blaster Edition

Last week was the some what quarterly Serramonte Mall card show-for an area the size of San Francisco/Silicon Valley-there is crap for card shows. To my knowledge there are only 4 (3 Serramonte and 1 Tristar) the entire year so of course I couldn't miss it, and with my wife in San Diego for her cousin's wedding, I didn't need to hurry home. I met reader Jim who so kindly helped me to knock some 1966 Topps of my want list. I also met a gentleman who was visiting the Bay Area from Ohio. He expressed shock at how few shows there are here. I still need to post the booty sent to me by reader Dave.

There is always a guy at the show who has boxes for sale-usually always new stuff that a I am either not buying because of $$ or because it doesn't interest me. Alas, this time he had three boxes of 2009 Topps T-206 which I later discovered were rack packs-but for $24 I thought maybe I should get one-or all three. I decided on just the one and as you will read shortly this wasn't a good choice. So what did the box provide? First, let me say when I opened it up and found it was a rack pack box I was disappointed, but for about the price of a blaster, how could I be?

First up, the full size variations-4 of the best hitters ever including a Redbird.

A mini Cycle back #ed to 99.  Mike Cameron and SP Mini of Kawakami one per 20 packs, which was going to Fuji but I might just buy another box and try and build a set.

A few Redbirds-including Yadi, David Freese, Colby Rasmus type A, all of which I have, Albert Pujols type A, the regular Mize version, and Matt Holliday which I didn't. 

 A look at both types of Albert, A & B.

A look at both types of Colby, A & B

And a St. Louis Brown, when I buy Cardinals' lots I always get a few Brownies-now I even look for them, so they get filed in our Redbird's boxes.

So remember when I said I should have bought the other two boxes? Why should I have bought the other two you ask?

Boooya A Piedmont framed Mini Auto of.....Clayton fing Kershaw!

Celebrating Independence Day

I guess one could say I am uber patriotic and July 4th has always been special to me. When I was a kid my older cousin and I would always watch James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy late the night of the fourth. My dad was in the 82nd Airborne, Teresa's dad in the Army, and her maternal grandfather a lifer Marine-Iwo Jima with the 5th Marine Amphibious Brigade, Korea, and Vietnam.  Both of us also add teachers, social workers, and others who give back to this country as being important in preserving our Independence and freedom. Freedom isn't free and we honor all of you who serve this country in all ways. So everyone have a wonderful day and enjoy with your friends and family.