1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 11-12

Half through the box and I a doing well though I don't think I am going to win yet again.

Pack 11

Jason Kipnis FP +2
Starting Points David Wright +2 Fp +2 =+4

Pack 12

Framed Mini Buy back 10th Aniv Adam Jones (2012) A&G Back +6 (OK, mine is a 2012) We ARE getting a scanner this fall and life will be better, blogging life that is.
Ancient Armory Atlatl +2 
Mini A&G back Julio Tehran +2 

A solid scoring back no Yanks, but no Redbirds either. Next posting has our first hit-and I couldn't be (much) happier.

Pack total +10
Box total +75

Pack Total +6  
Box Total +65

Monday, August 24, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 8-10

So far so good-but the next pack is a stinker.

Pack 8

Ancient Armoory Gauntlent +2
Tanaka -1 for signing with the Yanks
Gregorious  -1 for also being a Yank

Pack total 0
Box total +45

Pack 9

Mini A&G Back Sandoval +2 The Panda
Starting Poionts Jimmy Rollins +2
Michael Wacha! FT +1 Wacha Wacha Wacha

Pack total +5
Box total +50

Pack 10

Mini A Healthy Body Hebert’s Natural Method +4
What was once believed Giant Airliners +2
Full Size 10th An Buyback Brandon Beachy +3 Couldn't "steal" an image.

Pack total +9
Box total +59

Sunday, August 23, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 4-7

Watching the Redbirds look horrible is bad for my spirit-however what isn't bad for my spirit is GAC 15.

Pack 4

Brian McCann -1 damn Yank
What was once believed California Island +2

C.C Sabathia -1 damn Yank

Pack Total 0!!!

Box total +26

Pack 5

Yadi!!! FP +4 Not my favorite pull but a close second. 
Incrediberd  +1 
10th Aniv buy back full size Nick Swisher +3-1=+2 
 for being a Yankee (I pulled different year but have no scanner)

Ancient Armory Quarterstaff +2

Mini A World Beneath our Feet Tsetse Fly +2 

Pack 5 total +11
Box total +37

Pack 6

Starting Point Cole Hamels +2 FP bonus +2= 4

Pack total  +4
Box total +41

Pack 7

Menagerie of the Mind Leprechaun +2 
Mini AG Back Christian Bethancourt +2 

Pack 7 total +4
Box total +45

Saturday, August 22, 2015

After a wait GAC15 begins

Our friends have departed a after a week of exploring the Bay area. Here we go. I thought I would cut to the points chase.

Box Topper

Full Size Trout +8+FP=+20

Box total= +20

Good start-not a Redbird, but a FP.

Pack 1

Chase Headley -1 for being a Yank
Mini First Ladies Martha Washington +2

Sam Tuivailala FT +1 Yeah Redbird!

Pack total. +2
Box total +20

Pack 2

Starting Points Ian Desmond +2

Pack total +2 Low scoring pack, arr.,
Box Total +22

Pack 3

Menangerie of the Mind Chimera +2 
First Ladies Pat Nixon +2  A second First Lady

Pack total +4
Box Total +26

Monday, August 3, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs Hiccup

Though this year's GAC has started I haven't received my pre-order box as of yet-so we are going on two weeks since it was released. So GAC '15 has been delayed for me, well also because we are getting ready for company this week. None the less, I will request refund tomorrow since I have not heard from the idiot seller. As a result of this and a few other bad seeds on the 'bay I am going to start a "Wall of Shame" for sellers who misdescribe their lots or cards-grossly misdiscribe, overcharge for shipping, poor treatment of cards, in the case of kristic2006 do not ship your orders, or do not respond to your inquires.

So kristic2006 you are the first, but more than likely not the last, name on the Wall of Shame (sooner or later I will have a tab of these folks).