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Monday, March 23, 2015

When is Lance Lynn not Lance Lynn?

When he is on his 2015 Topps Heritage.
Hello Again Trevor, nice to see you on another card. The real LL,

The imposter,


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Fever

I haven’t been picking up any Yadis as of late but the most recent pick up is 2015 Topps Spring Fever. I love this card’s design, color, layout, and of course Yadi’s profile. I have to say I really like the Spring Fever cards and I was able to pick up a lot of several of this year’s issue, including Jason Heyward which is his first card as a Cardinal, when I won a lot for about $5.  I thought that I may pass on the ones I don’t need to fellow bloggers but after sitting on them and examining them I think I will keep them. I am not going out of my way to pick these up but if I can get them at my LCS or card show for a reasonable price-I.E inexpensive I will do so and perhaps eventually I will complete the set. Because I like the Yadi card this year I went ahead and picked up Waino’s from last year. Only if Topps could produce cards as attractive as these for their flagship brand there would more excitement, at least from me.

Cardinals’ Spring Fever Checklist


The only Cardinal representative in 2013 was Stan The Man.

SF-36 Stan Musial

Auto Stan Musial #/26


SF-13 Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

SF-31 Michael Wacha, St. Louis Cardinals


SFA-JK Joe Kelly, St. Louis Cardinals #/300

SFA-OS Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals

SFA-SM Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals


SF-21 Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals

SF-22 Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

SF-45 Jason Heyward, St. Louis Cardinals


SFA-MAD Matt Adams, St. Louis Cardinals #/99

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

“King” of the Hill Better than a Blaster (Pack) Edition.

After being without internet at home for 5 days I can post again.

When I was trolling the Bay I came across a lot of 45 DIFFERENT (Ken Hill) card lot 1989-1995 1989 Fleer Glossy for an opening bid of 99 cents with $2.50 shipping I had to bid on it. I knew that I had holes in junk wax in our collection and that if I could get 20 or so cards, including the glossy I would break even. It wasn’t surprising I won the lot for $3.49

Why Ken Hill you ask? Ken had a 13 year career and he came up through the Cardinals’ farm system and spent two stints with the Birds, 1988-1991 (he was traded to the Expos for Andres Galagarra, yeah he did play for the Birds), and a partial 1995 season. He was second to Greg Maddux in the 1994 Cy Young voting, and pitched for the Indians in the 1995 World Series. For his Cardinals’ career he went 30-38, and the team wasn’t that bad or that good those years-two years 1990 and 1995 they were under .500 and for those two seasons they were 25 and 22 games back respectively.

1989 Fleer Glossy
1995 Topps Finest
Well how did we do?

19 needed =.18 cents per card-too high for junk wax, however I was able to plug some holes.
26 unneeded

All in all I had some fun flipping through some Ken Hills and though I overpaid it was more productive than a pack from Target would have been.

1989 Louisville Team Set
1989 ProCards Louisville Redbirds

1995 Donruss Top of the Order
1995 Fleer

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A trip to Target yields a repack and some cards I actually need

We switched our prescriptions to Target which may be a bad thing as it will "force" me to visit the card aisle more. The last trip I picked up this goody.  A few weeks I ago I went in and saw this and one with a Topps' Heritage Bob Gibson. Alas, I picked up neither and upon a return trip this was the last one so what the heck.
For once I was able to add some Cardinals' cards to the collection as well as pick up some interesting cards I wouldn't have bought any other time, such as a 1989 Matt Williams Minor League ProCards, Arthur Rhodes 1991 Line Drive Minor League-I think I actually have his auto some place.
A great Upper Deck Jake Peavy photo-not sure I will keep this but it is keepable. 
A 2006 Topps Kelvim Escobar red back, and a player with perhaps the best name ever-Wonderful Monds.
Thankfully there some Redbirds in the pack-2008 Topps Update Chris Perez, 2009 Topps Jason Motte, Matt Holiday when he was with the Rockies, 

and  a Minor League Redbird.

The most interesting  cards in the pack are the 1998 Upper Deck Fan Fest Lou Brock and another Lou Brock that appears to be just another junk wax card but alas it isn't-can you tell the difference? I have went through a number of this card and never found the "error" card.

Willie goes home

Last Sunday we went with our oldest friends to the Alameda Antique Faire-I always love when e gets added to a word to make it sound classy. Well this was a big antique fair across the Bay from San Francisco and next to Willie's hometown, Oakland (where our friends live). This used to be a Naval Air Station/Base and it is freaking huge. There are so many empty buildings and barracks. Sad really, there is also a distillery and brewery. Also, there is a Willie Stargell Blvd (he lived in Alameda as a kid). Willie had a great time, he walked past some unopened junk wax boxes, food trucks and tons of furniture.  You can see SF's skyline behind Willie.

 Willie loves his beer and with his friends he rolled over to the brewery just a block away.
Yep, Willie is thirsty.