1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, June 16, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 6

Heading down the Archives stretch.

Pack 19
                                           I like subset but can't think of any thing to say about Travis
What is not to love about Catfish? Name-check, mustache-check, As-check, old school uni-check, 1973-check.
He was en fuego.
Wrong Missouri team but still a great player.

Pack 20

First African-American in the AL.
Willie! Sensing a pattern here.

Pack 21 Yadi, where are ye Yadi?
A Killer B
A Gold Harvey #20/99 up for trade.
Not a Wong way to begin to wrap up the box.
He has had an ear full in the minors. When is L.A bringing him up?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A few Vintage 1951 Bowmans picked up recently.

Hey Folk, haven't been posting too much lately and after this post or even the next one I will be on vacay with my wife and in-laws so if there aren't any new posts until July you will know why.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 5

So far no Yadis! Will there be any in the next three packs?
                                                                    A great Doyer
                                                    Cardinals' fans stop booing him please.
                                          Watching you Trevor is like watching a roller coaster.
                                             STL home boy and MLB Player of the week alum.

Pack 17
                                                   He has a statue of himself in his yard!
                                                        Oh Shelby, nice photo of him.

                                                         Love the old Milwaukee Braves uni.

Pack 18
                                                      He is not just a name of a cove in SF
                                                         "Machine Gun" Kelly Deckle!

                                                                 A Giants' Hot Pack.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 4

OK, here we go with the second half of the box.

Pack 13.
A Cub that deserved a World series Ring.
                         A Cardinal that has one-"Cal" as we call him. A social worker too!
                                                          Gold Ryan Zimmermann
             What would have been had a rain tarp not took him out in the 1987 Post Season?
Another Cardinal! A Redbird hot pack! We need you back "Machine Gun"

Pack 14
                    Why didn't I take that trade offer? He would could have been helping me big time.
A hit! My second auto, OK mine is Grey and # 6/25 and not gold as above. Again no scanner. Unfortunately he is a Ex-Dodger, Ex-Cubbie, Ex-Giant, and Ex-Red. Could he have been on more teams I dislike?
                                                  The Phillies Could use another Mike Schmidt.
A Yankee, and a gentleman-Donnie Baseball. A Yank I really liked.

Pack 15 
                          Former Red AND Cardinal-yes former Cardinal (1999 and 2000)
                              I really wish I could root for the Giants but the fans are unbearable.
                                                   Oh, Miggy why did I trade you!
A Giants' Hot Pack, again I really like their players, but the fans?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 4

Pack 10
                                                          Nice first card out of the pack.
                                                 A wood card? Nice concept, but still odd.
                                                      How did you break your ankle again?
Last card outta the pack. Great way to end the pack.

Pack 11 
                                                                 Best pure hitter ever!
STL Homeboy

                                                              Former Redbird, what if...
Gold #15/199 any Mets' fan what trade me a Redbird Gold?

Pack 12-the half way pack. 

What a loss for baseball.

The Wizard of Ozz

Imagine my surprise to pull this card. Topps has forgiven Sammy but the Cubbies haven't