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Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Presidential Post

I thought while we have the ”debate” on I would check the All-time Cardinals’ roster to see what players had presidential names. I believe one of my fellow-Redbird bloggers wrote something like this, but I don’t have it in me to look for it.
President #1 George Washington

President (Rico) Washington 3B 2006-2008
President #2 John Adams

President (Babe) Adams Pitcher 1906, President (Buster) Adams OF 1939, 1943, 1945-1946

President #6 John Quincy Adams

President (Joe) Adams P 1902, President (Matt) Adams 1B 2009, 2011-Present, President (Sparky) Adams

President #7 Andrew Jackson

President (Al) Jackson P 1966-1967, President (Danny) Jackson P 1995-1997, President (Edwin) Jackson P 2011, President (Larry) Jackson P 1955-1962, President (Mike) Jackson P 1971, President (Ryan) Jackson 3B 2009, 2011-2013
President #12 Zachary Taylor

President (Carl) Taylor OF 1970, President (Chuck) Taylor P 1969-1971, President (Ed) Taylor P 1903, President (Jack) Taylor P 1898, President (Joe) Taylor OF 1958, President (Ron) Taylor P 1963-1965.

President #14 Franklin Pierce

President (George) Pierce P 1917 (as a Cub, booo)

President #16 Abraham Lincoln

President (Mike) Lincoln P 2004-2005

President #17 Andrew Johnson
President (Alex) Johnson OF 1966-1967, President (Billy) Johnson 3B 1951-1953, President (Bob) Johnson 1B 1969, President (Dan) Johnson 1B 2015, President (Darrell) Johnson C 1960-1961, President (Jerry) Johnson P 1970
President #18 Ulysses Grant
President (Mudcat) Grant P 1969

President #24 Grover Cleveland

President (Reggie) Cleveland P 1969-1973

President #34 Woodrow Wilson

President (Charlie) Wilson SS 1932-1935,President (Chief) Wilson OF 1914-1916, President (Craig) Wilson 3B 1989-1992, President (Jimmie) Wilson C 1928-1933, President (Preston) Wilson RF 2006-2007

President #35 John F Kennedy

President (Adam) Kennedy 2B 1999, 2006-2009, President (Jim) Kennedy SS 1970, President (Terry) Kennedy C 1978-1980

President #36 Lyndon B. Johnson

President (Ken) Johnson P 1947-1950, President (Lance) Johnson OF 1987, President (Mark) Johnson C 2007-2008,  President (Rankin) Johnson P 1918, President (Rob) Johnson C 2012-2013, President (Si) Johnson P 1936-1938, President (Syl) Johnson P 1926-1933, President (Tyler) Johnson P 2005-2008

President #40 Gerald Ford

President (Curt) Ford OF 1985-1988


  1. It would be fun to see what team would win the presidential name race. I figured the Cardinals with their long history would have a few of the obscure names. No Coolidge, or Clinton?

    1. I thought for sure there would be a Clinton, I am sure the Bucs have close to the same #?

    2. Very cool idea Brady! And Matthew... that would be awesome. The only blogger I could see going out and doing all of that research would be the cardboard blogger godfather himself... Mr. Night Owl. I'd offer... but I'm way too lazy to even look up the A's players.

      Help us Mr. Night Owl... you're our only hope!

    3. I could only do it while having the debate on-I wrapped it up at the exact time the debate was over-perfect timing.


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