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Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Love Soccer Part 6

I have committed myself to following through on this box recap, sometimes I lose a little focus. The other box arrived and I busted it, but alas no auto, though some nice numbered cards. I will show those off at the end of the box break review. With the second box I was able to complete the base set.

Also, I picked up a box of 2015-16 Donruss for $24.95 including free shipping! I already have a base set of this as the last year's edition gave us one with one box. I hope to add several inserts, parallels, and an auto to our collection.

Pack 16

Andres Iniesta midfielder Barcelona
As I write this he was carted off the pitch on a stretcher during Barca's game against Valencia. I hope it is isn't too bad.

Former Real keeper Iker Casillas FC Porto

Manuel Neuer national team keeper Bayern

Dominator Neymar Barcelona

Brazil was the only national team we didn’t see at the Copa that really wanted to but they didn’t come to win as they were more interested in winning Olympic gold in Brazil. So they didn’t bring their best to the Copa including Neymar

Picture Perfect Axel Witsel Belgian right winger FC Zenit (Russia)

Isco attacking midfielder Real Madrid

I love the one name payers and celebrities, Prince, Madonna, Isco, Pepe, Ronoldo, Neymar, etc. Perhaps I should go with a one name name?

Pack 17

Production Line Ivan Rakitic Barcelona
His line was “10 assists in 2014-15” Donruss is really stretching this insert set to the max.

Pack 18

Neymar Jr. Barcelona

Accomplishments Press Proof #003/149 Gareth Bale Real Madrid
Pretty cool card, Donruss knows how to make some solid parallels. Every time I type Bale I always have to change from Christian. His accomplishment is the same as his regular card “Scores in all-Madrid 2014 Champions League final”

Miroslav Klose German striker SS Lazio

Dominator Gold Paul Pogba Juventus

Picture Perfect Marco Reus winger/striker/midfielder Borussia Dortmund

Insert and parallel hot pack to be sure.

Pack 19

Ivelin Popov holographic Bulgarian attacking midfielder FC Spartak Moscow

Production Line Koke Atletico Madrid

Koke’s production was “7 goals in 2013-14”

Angel de Maria PSG

My man crush Ronaldo Real Madrid

Pack 20

Arturo Vidal Chilean midfielder Bayern

We were able to see Chile play twice in the Copa and man they were fantastic- hence they won it all, again. We had the most obnoxious Chilean sitting behind us, she would hurl profane and homophobic insults at the Argentinians I had to finally turn around tell her how offensive she was being.  She was hammered and like hammered people do (not that I would KNOW) she kind of passed out during the second half. This was OK by us. Literally as I hit the post button he scored against Munchengladbach, which is his first of this year's season.

Accomplishments Carlos Tevez Argentinian

Copa 2016 Alum, his accomplishment was to “Claims league title in Bocca Juniors Return” After I posted this I took another look at the parallels I pulled and noticed this revel is actually a canvas #28/49.

Accomplishments Gold  Klaas-Jan Huntelaar  Dutch striker Schalke 04

Klaas’ accomplishment was “Closes the Bundesliga as 2011-12 Goals leader”
My Bundesliga team is TSG 1899 Hoffenheim which had a really poor season last year (15th!) and this year they are 3rd!

Picture Perfect Jeroen Zoet PSV Eindhoven
Dutch hot pack!

Good to finish the pack with a Real player, Pepe Portuguese center back

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