1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Living like it is 1982

Finally this past Thursday I got behind the wheel after my hiatus of not being able to drive for 10 weeks (a selfie of me on the last bus ride to work). The longest stretch since I was 15 in 1982.  Since this was the last time my very patient wife would have to be my personal Uber driver we went to dinner at the culinary student run restaurant on her campus for a celebratory meal. Of course, when I see duck it is almost always my first choice and alas the braised duck leg and sautéed breast was a winner.

I have been wanting to write a post on a book I picked up a couple of years ago for a couple of dollars, The American Premium Guide to Baseball Cards (Identification and values 1880-1981) by Ron Erbe.  I thought this is a good excuse. Flipping through this guide makes me think back to when I was collecting in 1982 and what I should have picked up, and now how much it will set me back to do so now. I love the prices and who wouldn’t want to pick up 1952 Topps from $1 for first series to $17.50 (2016 dollars $2.52 to $44.03) for fourth series commons.  How about a Mantle rookie for $900 ($2,200)!

One of my favorite Topps issues is the 1965. Commons for this set would have set you back six to twelve cents (15-30 cents) and high series twenty (50 cents) for commons and forty cents ($1.01) for stars.
Pre World War One cards are more your cup of tea, how about T-206 commons for $3 to $6 ($7.55-$15.10) or the funky and pretty cool T-202 Hassan Cigarettes foldouts for $10 ($15.10)

Want to complete your 1933 Goudey set? No problem commons will set you back $4 to $8 ($10.06-$20.13), Gehrig $200 ($503.24), and the Babe $300 ($754.87).

Who forget this "great" song atop the Billboard list in 1982, 


  1. 1982 was a good year, even if the Cardinals beat the Brewers in that World Series. I look back at the ads in my old Baseball Digests and think, "Man, I wish I'd had money back then."

    Fun post.

    1. Can't believe I missed the '82 World Series! I have always been bummed that Simba didn't when a series.

  2. Glad you're back driving again, Brady. That Erbe guide is a frequent 'go-to' in my library as it's one of the few guides that has a player alphabetical checklist.....don't think the Beckett or Krause guides ever did that.

  3. Hey Mr Haverkamp-thank you. I agree the checklist by player wa ahead of its time. Are going to the San Leandro show?

  4. Unfortunately can't make Mark's show in SL on Nov 26; I am still holding that Wally Moon Sports Illustrated for you, though!