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Saturday, April 22, 2017

“Who knew he was a Redbird!”

I thought the first blog post after my refocus would be “Who knew he was a Redbird!” Diehard Redbird fans of a certain age will probably recall-but admittedly I forgot that Orioles great (inducted in to their Hall of Fame in 2006) Doug DeCinces was a Cardinal, though for only four games at the end of 1987.

In 1988 Doug left the Majors and headed to Japan where he played for the Yakult Swallows though he was out because of a back injury for the last two months-this would be Doug’s last professional ball. There are two regular Doug Cardinals' cards. 1988 Fleer (regular and glossy), 1988 OPC, and 1988 Topps. Only the Fleer has him in a Redbird uniform.

Unfortunately Doug got himself in a little insider trading trouble a few years ago-sad way to be remembered. Here’s to you Doug-a Cardinal oh so briefly. On a side note this is El Classico weekend. Hala Madrid 


  1. Big fan of Doug in the 80's... but had no clue he was a Cardinal. Btw... I'll be @ TriStar on Saturday. Have a bunch of stuff for you.

    1. Fantastic to see you there-I will be in line early like a numbskull

    2. I'm gonna drive up with my buddy who is setting up there... so my guess is I'll be early too.