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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Refocus, AKA Lost in the Fog of Blog

Time to refocus-I think I have gotten lost in the fog of blog. What the heck do you mean? Well, when I first began blogging it was to discuss Cardinal baseball cards AND baseball players. However, it then became a vehicle to show off purchases and it was when this shift occurred that I last focus. So henceforth, I am refocusing the blog to focus on a balance of these two interests. 

However, I will from time to time have postings of St. Louis Hawks and Spirits basketball, Cardinals football and even some St. Louis Blues cards and players. In spite of my $$ going towards cards I do not purchase a huge number of cards-though recently I picked up a lot that turned out to be uninspiring to write about here. I have been picking up vintage cards to fill in team sets. I even picked up a few discount blaster boxes which yielded some autos which was nice. I want to go back to having thematic posts “Better than a Blaster”, “Where are they now”, “Get a load of that name”, “Major Leaguer from the STL”, and a new theme “Who knew (players that played for the Cardinals that I forgot about or didn’t know)?” an example would be Fernando Valenzuela and I may continue the football Cardinals series-since that is finite in its length. I enjoy blogging, as currently it is the only outlet that I have to express any type of creativity. I have also appreciated “meeting” some new folks, even a few in person. Having said all of that, look for whatever I pick up at the annual Cow Palace TriStar show the weekend of the 28th. Cheers and thank you for reading!

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  1. Look forward to the 'refocus' (but nothing wrong with tangents, too!)...I'm helping out a friend's table at Tri-Star on Friday and Saturday so look me up!