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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 11-12

Half through the box and I a doing well though I don't think I am going to win yet again.

Pack 11

Jason Kipnis FP +2
Starting Points David Wright +2 Fp +2 =+4

Pack 12

Framed Mini Buy back 10th Aniv Adam Jones (2012) A&G Back +6 (OK, mine is a 2012) We ARE getting a scanner this fall and life will be better, blogging life that is.
Ancient Armory Atlatl +2 
Mini A&G back Julio Tehran +2 

A solid scoring back no Yanks, but no Redbirds either. Next posting has our first hit-and I couldn't be (much) happier.

Pack total +10
Box total +75

Pack Total +6  
Box Total +65

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