1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, August 24, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 8-10

So far so good-but the next pack is a stinker.

Pack 8

Ancient Armoory Gauntlent +2
Tanaka -1 for signing with the Yanks
Gregorious  -1 for also being a Yank

Pack total 0
Box total +45

Pack 9

Mini A&G Back Sandoval +2 The Panda
Starting Poionts Jimmy Rollins +2
Michael Wacha! FT +1 Wacha Wacha Wacha

Pack total +5
Box total +50

Pack 10

Mini A Healthy Body Hebert’s Natural Method +4
What was once believed Giant Airliners +2
Full Size 10th An Buyback Brandon Beachy +3 Couldn't "steal" an image.

Pack total +9
Box total +59

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