1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Friday, January 27, 2017

Notice anything a little off ?

A quick post before I get ready for work.

I "found" this Topps Big Mac relic card on the Bay and I found it to be a little off.

Yep, it looks like this "Cardinals'" relic is actually an As' relic-or am I off base?


  1. I cannot stand when card companies do this. I am pretty sure Topps has a McGwire A's photo they have used on a card countless times that they could slap on this card.

  2. Typical Topps QC. The employee placing the fabric swatches in the cards probably either didn't know anything whatsoever about baseball or just didn't care that its wrong.

  3. Silly Topps. Yo B... are you gonna make it up to Serramonte tomorrow?

  4. I true error card-I know that some UD game worn were fake, but at least Topps make an effort-I still think relic/game worn are interesting but that interest is slipping.

    See ya tomorrow Fuji