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Monday, October 19, 2015

Put a Fork in 'em

OK, my period of mourning has officially ended, and my in-laws have departed. At times I hate when I am right, I really do, about something or someone. But I have to say I checked out the minute when it was announced by this guy 
  this guy would start  
for pivotal Game 3 in Chicago.   Beginning August 23rd Wacha’s record is as such. August 23rd he went 6 innings, August 28th 6 innings, September 8th 4 innings, September 13 6 innings, September 19th 5 innings, September 24th 4 innings, and September 30th 4 innings. Over the span of these games he gave up a total of 36 ruuuuuuunnnnnnssssss! My wife put it bluntly the minute I said the Redbirds were starting Wacha “Why don’t they start Tyler Lyons?” Well said honey, great question for Mike and Mo?

They will not fire this guy
but they should. Like I said, I stopped watching at that point as it was inevitable they weren’t going to win the series.  Any who, I am going to be more active posting than I have been the last few weeks as another passion of mine is genealogy (family history) and that has taken up some free time I would have otherwise used to blog. I have a box of 2015 Donruss Soccer waiting to be busted and I am expecting a Hobby box of Topps 2009 T-206 this week as the dealer didn’t have the rack pack boxes he did in June at Serramonte Mall a few weeks ago ( shock of shocks). I have some cards from Ray over at All Cardinals All the Time and I have been picking up some reasonably priced autos and a cool 1/1 Yadi card !

The only bright spots for me this weekend in the world of sports is the Cubs being down two games to zero-but those Cubs are wily so I hope the Mets don‘t let them off the mat. We also received the Cardinals’ Magazine with this freaking great cover-best ever.


  1. I always wonder what would have happened if certain teams would have had more progressive coaches. Teams keep hiring former players who just do the same things their coaches did when they played. While it is hard to knock a guy that lead a team to 100 wins, I do see where you are coming from. Playoffs require a completely different mindset. Starters should have much quicker hooks and you should limit the amount of time the pitcher hits. Also, traditional bullpen usage should be scrapped.

    1. Great point Matt, it seems like baseball has regressed in its style. I rather have lost to the Bucs

  2. Sorry for your loss buddy. My teams were dead way back in May. Anyways... looking forward to seeing what you pull out of the Donruss Soccer box. Considered buying a box myself.

    1. thank you Sir, I will post my box soon. Cheers