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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The day I have been waiting for has arrived...Opening Day 2015

Of course I am excited to see the boys get in the action with the Cubs tonight but it isn't going to be fun for them. Having played March/April baseball in Missouri it is going cold as balls in Chicago. Who thought it a good idea to have opening night in Chicago! 

I have concerns about the 2015 season; the Bucos continue to improve, especially having probably the best outfield in the MLB, the Cubs now believe they can win which is scary-if they could go 150 years without winning I would be OK with that-I would be 91 years old for me to see that,

the Birds pitching isn't as solid as it has been-Garcia is hurt-again, Waino is getting older, Marco has been sent down, and Rosenthal scares me with his inconsistency, and Yadi isn't getting younger and if he goes down again then is Tony Cruz going to be the savior?
Can Carpenter bounce back in the runs and power department?
What the heck is going to happen in the outfield? Too many folks out there with too few spots. Will Mike's managing improve? I am still not sold on his abilities-though I really like him as a person.
Will the Boys find their power, ever? Will Adams ever be able to hit to his potential? Or will we see the last of him as a Cardinal this year?

My NL Central predictions;

1-Pirates (not sure if their pitching will take them to this spot, but they are going to hit)
2-Cardinals (possibly optimistic)
3-Cubs (Reds and Brewers haven't done much to improve)


Pirates vs Cardinals


Seattle vs White Sox

World Series

Seattle vs Pirates



There you have it-my two cents.


  1. Thank god I have evolved as a collector. Twenty years ago, I would be investing in as many Jason Hayward rookie cards as possible. The guy is having a pretty impressive debut for your team.

  2. Yeah right-I might even have a Hayward relic around here someplace-Not sure why the Padres picked up the other Upton.

  3. There was no way the Braves would give up Kimbrel straight up... for the two outfielders. Seems like most Braves fans were disappointed in losing Kimbrel and excited about shedding Upton's salary.