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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yadi card of the week #13

In honor of Albert Pujols’ 500th career home run this week’s Yadi card is 2007 Topps' flagship #329 Classic Combo. Yadi shares this card with his good friend and former Cardinal Albert Pujols. This card is interesting for several reasons; first Yadi is a wee bit chubbier than he is now, baby got back. Second it looks like they are doing an elbow pump versus a fist pump. I seem to remember the bash brothers did this back in the day. All of this is framed in black with three groupings of four squares, one in blue on the bottom and one each in red in the top corners. Not sure what the purpose of these is? They remind me of a scan survey I will be doing with clients this week. I think the black is a good change from the white that Topps has been using for the last few years. At the top is the Topps’ logo above the team name both in silver. The bottom has a colored border with Classic Combo, then Yadi and Albert’s names in opposite corner separated by the four square box. Since I don't have a scanner I will spare you the reverse this week. This card comes in a number of different versions and parallels which include a red back variation, gold numbered to 2007 (pictured), bronze numbered to 56, and a 1st Edition too. We have the regular, red back, and gold.


  1. Lol... as soon as I saw this card, I thought of the Bash Brothers too. Glad to see Pujols is back to hitting those big bombs. Well except when he's playing the Padres and A's.

  2. I almost scored a Yadi auto the other day messing around on eBay. It was crazy cheap in the last few seconds and I figured "hey Brady would want this card" but the price shot up in the last couple seconds. So close :(

    Cool cards!

  3. Hey Matt thank you for thinking of me. I will keep my eyes open for you too