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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

There is always next year.

OK, as I "watched" the game last night between the Fish and the Birds I realized that I have been experiencing the stages of grief about this year's team and season. They just aren't a playoff team.


Denial-I start to get excited about the Boys then I watch last night's game and the series between them and the other Birds this past weekend. I have been in denial about how average they are.

Anger-I am angry, how can a team be one of the best hitting teams last year to one of the worst this year? Ditto for pitching.

Bargaining- If I stop watching them they will do better, so I need to stop watching them a la 2011. Not true, no use bargaining.

Depression-I was depressed about this season for the last week or so.

Acceptance-This morning I have accepted this season is lost.

That is the  stages of grief in a nutshell.

I am with you little Cardinal Nation kid, you will stop crying when you hit the acceptance stage.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I started to get my hopes up then I saw Masterson pitch.

  2. The Pirates are very similar. We were showing signs of coming together, but the injuries to Walker and McCutchen are at a terrible time. Our schedule is brutal the rest of the month.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Cardinals tried to make another move. I know Wacha is coming back in September, but I just wouldn't trust Masterson.

    1. Look I know teams retaliate for hit batters but the BS the Dbag Backs are f'ed up. I am not a Pirates' fan but I am a baseball fan-and 'Cutch is a classy player and person-I do the think the wildcard teams will be the Bucs and the Giants.

  3. Try being a Padres fan and then come talk to me ;-)