1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Banging My Head Against the Wall Update

After watching Real Madrid pull out a tie in the El Classico I finished counting the # of Cardinal Autos and Game Used/Relic Cards that I have put in to a large Excel workbook.  I had a feeling that once I hit Topps Tripple Threads, Tribute, Museum Collection, Supreme Styling, and Tier One tears  I would regret my decision to start on this head banging project.
But I didn't think that my plan would need to be adjusted as soon as 2004! Why the change? What was the catalyst?  Three Words-Donruss Diamond Kings! 
Yep. DK did me in, why you ask, if you ask? Because there are a total of 109 Cardinals' autos and 124 Cardinals' relics in the 2004 DK checklist! I had to Tap Out. 
So in the face of the enemy I had to change my strategy. So what I am now doing is , if I have a Redbird Auto from say 2008 Bowman Chrome I will add the Cardinals' autos and relics from that checklist to my work book. If not I will not. This has cut down on the work I have had to do-and will break the remainder autos and relics in to more manageable bite sized portions. So what is the Redbird total so far? Again, if anyone thinks that pulling autos and relics is rare this will probably wash that idea away. So, through 2004 the list is fairly complete for unique autos and unique relics, and then is spotty from then. 

3930 Autos!

3034 Relic/Game Used!


  1. I think 2004 DK is where Topps got the idea for all the colored parallel. Framed red,framed blue, etc. At times I am thankful Lankford did not play mush past 2001 because of all the cards I would feel the need to track down.

    1. I wish that were the case with Yadi-I have of given up.

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