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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Better than a Blaster #7

I thought I would go about this BTB a little differently. Instead of reviewing a Cardinals' card lot I thought I would share with you a recent transaction that went south, then north, for me. I purchased a lot of Cardinals' cards described here:

"400 Ct. St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card Lot - Assorted Players, Years, and Brands

Every possible name brand included.Years range from 1977-2013. There are no duplicates in lot. Cards are NMT/MT condition.  Buyer must pay within 5 days of auctions end. Item ships via priority flat rate small box. We do not charge one penny for shipping over what the post office does. Any questions feel free to ask." $9.99 plus shipping.

Well let us say this wasn't accurate-look friends I am not an a-hole. I am honest to a fault and honorable so I expect this from others too. Please read the exchange below.

First message to seller-he doesn't accept returns hence this initial case opening note from me.

Me. "Adjust your descriptions. Had I known of course I wouldn't have purchased."

Seller. ""I am unsure what your issue is with the cards? You were sent 400 cards all cardinals with no doubles with varying years. What is the issue? We have never had anything but happiness from our customers on the product they receive?"

Me. "The description is as follows "Every possible name brand included.Years range from 1977-2013. " The oldest cards in this lot are 1986 Donruss and Fleer and the newest are 4 2003 Fleers, I wouldn't have purchased this lot at the price being asked, I would have bid on the lot at much much lower price."

Seller. "9.99 is the lowest price on this lot so you could not have bid lower. item states years range and they are within that range. you have also had these cards for over a week and now all the sudden don't like them? once you have cherry picked them. I don't think so. we are open honest and up front and have never had any complaints check our feedback, all positive. I believe if you are truly just unhappy that is because your expectations are not realistic. if others had complained I could see but we have sold hundreds of these lots and never ever a complaint about the product. "

OK this set me off-also, please note that I am studying to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (AKA Licensed Mental Health Social Worker). So this is my response after being accused of stealing.

Me. "Well, I just unpacked them on Tuesday since until then I have not had the chance to do so-and how dare you accuse me of cherry picking them-you are accusing me of stealing-your description was incorrect-what I received were two boxes of 99% junk wax. No way had this been the accurate description I would have bid on it-and what others leave as feedback isn't of concern to me. Perhaps they received what was described or didn't believe they should say anything-in fact if you want to speak to dishonesty this lot was dishonest and you should have and would have known since you put it together-as you can see if have looked I buy several lots such as these and this was the most inaccurate of descriptions."

I wan't done as I became more upset at being accused of stealing.

Me Part 2.  "Actually your math is as poor as your description since I opened the package 6 days after receiving them not two weeks."

Me Part 3.  "Upon further reflection you are, according to Freud, projecting your subconscious awareness the lot description was deceitful on to me as a defense mechanism by accusing me of dishonesty. Why not describe the lot as a variety of cards from 1905-2014, or 1890-2014, or event 1940-2014 the accuracy of the range isn't important according to you."

Seller. "lol I am not projecting anything was simply stating that is why we do not do exchanges or returns. we are unable to verify that cards have not been swapped. also these are mixed lots and some will get them see if there is the certain cards they need and then send back. like I said no ne has ever been unsatisfied other then you so I am going to have to believe that it is just you. I am aware that these lots have tons of different sets, years, players in them. and at less then 3 cents each I do not feel any bit of deceit. I feel that just like all my other customers say I am selling good quality lots. Maybe you should look at your unrealistic expectations. Or you could have asked questions first. you do know that there is a pic there with Yankees cards if you were so concerned why not address any issues before hand. "

Me. "Perhaps I am the only one who received 400 junk wax cards, but none the less I did-when expectations were based on cards being between 1977 and 2013 per the description, If you look at my purchase history you will see there aren't any other issues so I believe we are at an impasse."

After this I kicked the case to the next level and received a refund. Some times you loose sometimes you win.


  1. It just seems like a clever way to get rid of a bunch of junk. Make the date range huge but only give out mass produced crap. Anything to make a buck.

  2. Yeah right, I have been throwing them out-like fleas you don't need him your house.