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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Retail GAC Pack 1-3

Well after not having great hits in the hobby box I though to myself is it worth the extra $$$? So why not GAC retail version.

I know we have all seen many A&G posts so I will be looking at three packs at a time and spotlighting my favorite point cards.

Pack 1. 14 points! Nice Start.

Brandon Philips SP +2 points

World's Capitals Bangkok +2 (+4)

A mini Flag back Ricky Henderson! Sweet horizontal card hand #ed 19/25. +10 points (+14)

Pack 2. +4 points

Another great horizontal card-these are some of the most attractive cards I have seen in sometime-and it is the "Wizard" FT +1 (+15)

Another Cardinal. A mini Miller is another +1 (+16)
Pack 2 ends with Strasburg Pastimes +2 (+18)

Pack 3. +0 Damn Yankees. 
Pastimes Miggy gets me 2 points (+20)

Then the pack became a Yankees' hot pack with a mini Tanaka (-1) and a Posada (-1)

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