Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Check Out My (Oscar) Cards

October 26, 2014 is a date many Cardinals’ fans will not forget. It was the day the life of the “El Fenómeno” Oscar Taveras was tragically cut short.  Not sure how it is happening, sure I know how, but I have begun to gather OT autographs. These are not expensive and of course there will not be anymore. Recently COMC had a Spring Cleaning sale. Now I don’t buy much of anything from the website-and this would be only my second purchase. I think for me COMC is best for autos and game used/relic cards.  Prices for these are often better than on the Bay.
I scanned through the pages of Cardinals’ autos and had a basic search parameter of less than $5 autos. What I noticed among the scores of former minor leaguers, AKA “busts” and current “busts” such as Matt Adams, Joe Kelley, Shelby Miller, etc. there were several reasonably priced OT autos.  I checked my spreadsheet to see what was needed and what was not and I found these were the ones to add to our collection. There are over 350 autographed OT cards. Below are the COMC autos purchased (please note most of the images below were borrowed from COMC)

2014 Bowman Platinum Blue Refractor #92/199, 2014 Bowman Platinum Autographed Prospects Green Refractor #398/399,
2014 Panini Prizm Purple #44/99, 2014 Topps Mini, 2013 Panini Prizm (smudged auto), 2014 Bowman Inception Prospect, Ditto but Gold #72/99, and 2014 Bowman Sterling Rookie Autograph Magenta Refractor #27/99.

Other OT autos in the collection

2013 Bowman Sterling - Prospect Autographs
2014 Bowman Chrome - Rookie Autographs Blue Refractors #012/150
2014 Bowman Platinum - Prospect Autographs
2014 Bowman Sterling - Rookie Autographs
2014 Donruss - Turn of the Century Signatures
2014 Topps Chrome - Rookie Autographs
2014 Stadium Club - Autographs

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time to Check Out for the Season?

After another loss because of a mismanaged game by this numb nut I am checking out of the Redbirds  for who knows how long. It is one thing to just have bad team who plays poorly, it is another thing to have a decent team but horrible management. This goes to Cardinals' leadership. Auf Wiedersehen Redbirds! I am still blogging-

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bobble Head Fun and Blues Autos and a Jersey (card)

I wanted to post a few more items gifted by Mr. Fuji. I added another bobble head to my slowly growing collection in my office-Big Mac was one of the goodies in the bag and the Yadi was a recent pickup on the Bay.

Mark also included three St.Louis Blues' autos-a 1998 In the Game Geoff Courtnall and Kelly Chase. Geoff played less than a season with the Blues before a blockbuster trade to the Canucks. These players would then make the core of the Canucks' 1994 Cup run. He would however come back to the Blues for 1995-96 season then would remain until 1999-2000 season.

Kelly Chase I do remember well-he played almost his entire career with the Blue Note, except for a few seasons with the old Hartford Whalers and two games with the Leafs. He currently does the color commentary for the Blues on KMOX.
Also included in the Bag o' Goodies were an on card auto of Blue Jim Campbell who played with the Blues for a number of seasons-last the 1999=2000 season.
How about a legendary Cardinal! Dal Maxvill-he played with the Birds for 10 years then went on to be the GM. He has been out of baseball since about 1994, On card auto on a 1968 Topps none the less, fantastic.
To wrap the generosity of Mark here is a 2006 Bowman Sterling Jersey Card of Scott Rolen. Many thanks again!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

TriStar Fuji

One of the great pleasures in collecting is having others have the same interest and passion. Not the usual refrain I hear "You still do that?" So as usual it was great to see fellow blogger Mr. Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji. He informed me he had a bag of goodies for me and it would be better to get at the end of the day. I thanked him profusely and picked it up from a friend of his on the way out. Wa la . A bag of goodies.
What did this very generous bag of treasure include? Well a Big Mac Bobble Head now at my office and subject of future post. A binder of empty sheets. Going to be home to our soccer cards.
A selection of Tuff Stuff and Beckett Mags with King Albert 
An empty box of Wheaties Fuel cereal with King Albert-wonder what they tasted like. Apparently there were several players on the cover of this defunct cereals.

There was even a Fuel cereal bar.
Included in the bag was a box of cards. Many of which were new additions to the collection. On to the cards-first some new Yadis! 2008 Bowman, 2010 bowman chrome 2010, and 2009 Topps Heritage.

Some more interesting Topps. 2003 Gallery J.D. Drew, 2010 Opening Day Toppstown Stars, 2008 Heritage Pujols, 2014 Red Sparkle Joe Kelley, and 2014 Stadium Club Beam Team Waino.

Some Topps vintage including a high 1962 Red Schoendiest, 1962 Rookie Tim McCarver! 1964 Broglio, 1968 Cardinals Celebrate, 1968 Larry Jaster. I have this card but the one rom Fuji as some interesting photo issues-double up the image. I filed it away before taking a shot of it. 1971 Ted Simmons.

Next is a very interesting odd ball a 1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball Contest Brock and another Simba,  a 1980 Kellogg's.
A few more cards to wrap it up. 2013 Hometown Heroes Willie, 1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix Andy Benes. AND drum roll please. Patrick Wisdom  2015 Topps Pro Debut Ornge Auto #ed 3 out of 25!

The Right Handed Corner Infielder is now at Triple A Memphis. He has been in 34 games, scored 19 runs, 7 Hrs, 23 RBIs, .278 BA, .331 OBP, .524 SLG %. Thank you Fuji!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Who Knew? Art Howe Edition

I am really excited about writing a number of “Who Knew?” posts about ex Cardinals who we may not associate with being a Redbird. So next up is a former Redbird better known for his coaching than playing, funny how many managers were Cardinals? This “Who Knew?” former Cardinal is Art Howe.

Art Howe was born exactly one year after my mother and he managed several teams-Astros 1989-1993, Oakland As 1996-2002, and the Mets 2003-2004. His career win loss record as a manager was 1,129 and 1, 137. However, he started as an infielder-first with the Pirates 1974-75 before being traded to the Astros on January 6th, 1976. He played until 1984 with the Astros but missed the entire 1983 season due to a fractured jaw that was a result of a hit by pitch.

He signed with Cardinals and played with the Birds 1984-1985. He would finish his career with the Redbirds. He played in 891 games with a lifetime batting average of .260 and 43 home runs.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

My other love-Beer Post

I love beer-not your run of the mill excuse for bitter water-nope. Craft beer made by craft breweries-and I would count large regional Sierra Nevada as part of the craft family. None the less, a few days ago news broke that one of our favorite craft breweries and somewhat local Lagunitas sold out totally to Heineken. Originally owner Tony Magee sold 50% off a couple of years ago. So today I bought my last Lagunitas beer. Sad really.

For my 40th Bday we and a group of friends went up to Sonoma and hit Russian River and Lagunitas. Actually, it was the first weekend the beer garden/tasting area was open-see picture above from their website. Here is my last 12 pack.

About 6 years ago my wife and two of our close friends were headed to Celebrator Brew Newspaper Anniversary party in Berkley that always coincides with San Francisco Beer Week. We stopped off at a few spots before heading to the party. One of which was the  Beer Revolution beer bar in Oakland. As we were getting ready to leave the older guy jamming in a one man band by the door announces "Hey my name is Tony Magee and I am the founder and owner of Lagunitas and for the next hour all Lagunitas beer is on me". OMG! Never will forget that, but no more Lagunitas for me.