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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 7 & 8

I read that Nachos Grande is killing and he also did a great job of calculating scoring in GAF. Please read here Nacho's GAF scoring breakdown.

Pack 7 it is.

Right off the bat a Yankee, the Iron Horse -1 (+38).
Not a good start, Fields of Yore Shea Stadium, Why couldn't I get Sportsman's Park! Still worth 2 points (+40). 

A few more points are gathered from Gary Sheffield Mini A&G +2 (+42) which is also the last point card in a lackluster pack.

Pack 8.

Great card here-love the horizontal format. David Wright FP +2 (+44).

Like others I really like the inserts-and I love war planes too Air Supremacy V-22 Osprey +2 (+46)

Last point card is a former Cardinal and one our favorite players Allen "Cal" Craig Pastimes, should be a bonus for having an undergraduate degree in Social Work, FT bonus +3 (+49).

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