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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Final Pack of GAC VI. Pack 24

I have had a blast participating in this extravaganza and I appreciate being allowed to do so. So much so I ordered a retail box (sorry the three hits I got in the hobby box weren't worth the extra $$$) and will have a little GAC retail style.

Pack 24
Having a wee bit of an off year but he gets me +2 for SP. (+168)
Little Lions Japanese Bobtail +3 (+171)
An old school athlete +1 (+172) Last card of the pack to get me a chance to take it all home.
I live in an area claimed by the Giants as "theirs" which is crap because MLB blacks out the A games, I would watch them more than I can now. SP +2 (+174). The best card and best photo 
Plus 5 (+179) Perhaps the only time this season the Reds will finish ahead of the Cards.

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