Sunday, August 13, 2017

9th Annual GAC has begun-but wait what is this?

OK, I have been waiting patiently to bust my A&G box for this year's GAC. So, it is done, I have busted my box, and boy oh boy was it fun. However, before I get posting my packs I am waiting for a couple of scoring clarifications from the Comish. Why do you ask? If you do ask, as I busted one pack and then another, then another it confirmed that I indeed had a foil hot box!!!!! Yep, every full size base card is a foil parallel (I grabbed this image from the Bay). This is what these look like. I am hopeful there is a bonus for this. I am sure the Comish in his wisdom we provide a generous allowance for these.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Even my wife beat the odds

Been a long few days with work as we prepare for accreditation next week. So to pick me up my thoughtful wife picked up a fat pack and one of the three pack Allen & Ginter rack packs. My wife doesn't usually buy me cards because the card aisle can be a little overwhelming and confusing. I will spare all of the cards that she was able to beat the odds with because GAC 9 is here. But other than pulling this Luke Weaver card-and the only Redbird pulled the "value pack" pack provided me with the only Reds player I like and a full size game used/relic at that! She beat the odds at 1 in 61 packs! Great job honey!

On a side note-I have not said much about the Redbirds or should I say the Baby Birds who have been making a climb in the standings. I started to watch them again when Paul De Jong was brought up. He is exciting and I think with the other younger players-they are fun to watch-will they go all the way? Doubtful, but the young guys aren't too intimidated. Good news is the Giants suck so Redbird tickets for their Labor Day weekend will be cheaper.

Friday, August 4, 2017

A little Blast of Cards from the Red Circle store

After dropping my wife off at the airport for her trip to see her folks in San Diego I hit the Red Circle store to pick ups couple of things. His location never seems to have much in the way of Blasters-and I  usually don't buy any for the most part any who. However, I grabbed a rack pack of 2017 Donruss, a blaster of 2017 Stadium Club, and one of those value boxes of repacked packs. Will my winning streak continue?

For the rack pack I was able to add Stephen Piscotty's base and a Rizzo variation-not sure what the odds are on the Rizzo card-but I have only pulled a couple over a number of rack pack.

The repack box had a pack of 2015 Topps Series 1 and Series 2, a 2016 A&G, and a 2016 Bowman pack, plus a few loose cards-I was able to pull this auto 2015 Topps Series 2  James McCann Career High auto which are 1 in 600 packs, nice pull and he looks to be having a year much like last season.

Next the Stadium Club Blaster-pulled two Gold parallels which are 1 every 5 packs (odds beat)-Billy Wagner and Michael Lorenzen. Black foil Tommy Joseph and Sepia Warren Spahn-each 1 in every 8 packs (odds met).

Then there were the standard inserts-but then there was this-Carson Fulmer auto. This White Sox thrower doesn't look to be going much of anywhere-he is now with AAA Charlotte and when he was up with the Sox in 2016 he went 0-2 with an ERA of 8.49. However the odds  of pulling this are 1 in 118 packs (Odds Beat). 
Lastly, I picked up a box 2009 UD OPC Baseball because I love this retro set-and am slowing building. I have picked up a number of these with only a Game Used of some guy I already forgot about. However, this box yielded this 1 in every 216 packs (odds beat) OPC Signature Auto of Chase Headley.