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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 13 & 14

Past the tipping point Pack 13.
I think we all know what card will be my favorite, YADI! I love this view of him. He may come back this year or he may not. The boys have no offense and could use him.He nets me 1 for FT and 4 for FP (please some one let me know if this is incorrect) points (+116).
Must be a Cardinals' hot pack! Too bad they haven't been ab;e to use him the last two games, but Rosie gets me another FT point +1 (+117).
Festivals and Fairs Day of the Dead +2 (+119)
                                    Pastime's Pastimes Beltre nets me another 2 points (+121).
Mini World's Deadliest Predators Lonomia +3 (+124)

Good scoring for this pack-a total of 13 points for pack 13.

Pack 14. 
Natural Wonder Insert of some cool boulders +2 (+126)
Waino! Waino! Pastimes-he is a philanthropist too. He runs a fantasy football league with other MLB players and civilians for charity +3 for insert and FT (+129)
Another Cardinals' hot pack! I know the card gods will curse me with a balance of Yankees. FT +1 (+130)

Another good pack for scoring-but alas since I don't have any more hits left according to the 3 hits per box I am going to need to keep scoring high on the packs are no way I can win. Pack #14 nets me 6 points.

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