1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 17 & 18

Upwards on onwards-not sure why I bother rushing home to watch the Cards-as they are down in the first by two.

Pack 17.
Short Print Josh Donaldson +2 (+136)
The Babe costs me -1 (+135)
This guy costs me another point -1 (+134)
A Marp A&G back FT +3 (+137)

At least I got a Cardinal outta this pack.

Pack 18 
I upload this card as the Cards tie the game Pastime's Joey Batts FP +4 (+141)
Natural Wonder Giant's Causeway is another +2 (+143)
Mo costs me a point -1 (+142)


  1. You're doing really well compared to most people, I think.

    What would you do if you got a Cardinals rip card?

    1. If I got a Cards rip card I think I would rip it-the ones I have seen ripped are always minis-would you rip a Brewers one?