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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yadi card of the week

Back to it I say. Since I haven’t posted a Yadi card of the week for several weeks I am going to stop numbering them. This week’s Yadi card of the week is 2007 Upper Deck #447. It depicts Yadi in a happier time. It looks like he just ripped a double and went into second standing up. I have to say; as I wade through Cardinals’ lots I have really come to appreciate Upper Deck and the incredible selection, style, and quality of cards they produced from the mid 1990s on. However, some ideas were good but a bit confusing. Hence 2007 Upper Deck #447, which has a base set and parallels  based on “predicting” the MVP, Postseason, and Rookie of the Year winners for 2007. There were three 150 card sets in Green, Blue, Purple, and Silver. Not sure why they decided to name the parallels “predictors” since you didn’t have to predict anything, you just had to have the card Baseballcardpedia describes it like this:

“The 70 MVP and 30 Postseason Predictors were randomly inserted into Series One packs, while the Rookie of the Year cards were in Series Two. If the player/team depicted on the card won the MVP/ROY or qualified for the 2007 MLB Playoffs, the respective Predictor card could then be redeemed for a special Series One (MVP and Postseason) or Series Two (Rookie of the Year) factory set.”

There are three different Series One factory sets. Collectors redeeming one of the eight-playoff qualifiers (EXCEPT the Red Sox) received a 520-card "Green" factory set. The Red Sox (2007 World Champions) got a special "Blue" factory set. The two MVP winner's cards, Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins, were good for a "Purple" set. For the second series, none of the players selected by Upper Deck were named Rookies of the Year (Dustin Pedroia and Ryan Braun). 
Therefore, the two "Wild Cards" were declared the winners and each was good for a 500-card Series Two "Silver" factory set.”

The green “Predictors” were limited to 70 copies, I am not sure how many of the blue were issued but I do know the Purple parallel was limited to 49. There is also a non-predictor gold parallel. The card itself is vertical with a non-bleed photo of Yadi in his home uni standing at second base. Yadi’s name in just below his knees and is somewhat difficult to see. The team name and his position are along the left and right respectively. The Predictor parallels have “Predictor Edition” in blue, green or purple below his name. Each predictor edition is trimmed in the appropriate color. The reverse of the card is boring to say the least. A small box in the top third of the reverse contain his MLB stats, a little story about the 2006 World Series and a head shot in the top right corner and a Bird on a Bat in the right. The back is a let down and seems to me UD phoned this in because it is blah and there is enough blank space to jazz it up a bit. The base card is inexpensive and easily found/ However, I have only seen the Predictor Editions on EBay occasionally and when they do make their appearance there is some serious active bidding. The first two below are the base cards, followed by the gold parallel, then the green Predictor front and back.

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