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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Better than a Blaster #4

Cost of lot with shipping: $27.90
Cost per card of unduplicated cards: 7 cents per card.
Quality: 2.5 Blasters (some “Junk Wax”)
Value: 2.5 Blasters
Expectations: 2.5 Blasters
Overall 2.5 Blasters

It has been a long time since I rated a Cardinals’ cards lot. So this “Better than a Blaster” lot promised 800+ cards including many stars. How did the above description compare against the realty? Actual number of cards was 910 and there were only a couple of doubles. So if we needed all of the 910 cards it would have been 3 cents per. However, as our collection increases the number of cards needed decreases-well most of the time. 428 of the 910 were needed for our collection and this brought the price to 7 cents a card.

The majority of the cards were from the mid 1990s to mid 2000s. The lot included higher “end” base and insert cards from Upper Deck, Fleer, and Topps, as well as odd balls from Ziplock, Purina, Conlon, and Bazooka. Although we only needed a little less than half of the cards what I appreciated was there were nearly complete team sets of several of the “junk wax” era, please don’t stop reading this posting at this point. I don’t have time to bust packs, etc. to complete the early Fleer, Donruss, and Topps sets so I appreciate the ability to do so. The oldest card was a 1978 Lou Brock Topps (#1).

Some of my favorite cards included 1981 Topps Coke Bruce Sutter, 1992 Ziplock Gibby, 1993 Topps Finest Tewks, 1998 Donruss Elite Ray Lankford, 1999 Fleer Showcase Power Ray Lankford, 2001 Topps Finest Fernando Vina, 2001 Fleer Tradition Jimmy Ball Game, 2002 Uper Deck Vintage Night Games King Albert, 2004 Donruss Diamond Kings, Scott Rolen, 2004 Fleer Classic Clippings King Albert, 2004 Playoff Prestige Scott Rolen, and 2011 Topps Heritage Albert.

The real bonus to this lot was the number of late 1990s and mid 2000 cards included. Our collection is really lacking these and we were able to check off several from our want list. I think I really need to get to a card show where I can hit some bargain boxes and add more cards to our collection without wadding through the dupes, etc. Fairly certain there aren’t too many Cardinals fans looking for them too here in Northern Cali. Not sure when this will happen as next week I start studying for an important exam I need to pass in September and the only card time I have is before I go off to work.

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