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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The bad ol' days of Cardinals' cards

Yeah, I know this is a blog about all things related to Yadi cards etc., but since we have been expanding to Cardinals cards in general I have been forced to recall how bad the Cardinals were from 1990-1995.  This was a bleak time for the Birds. After Gussie Busch died in 1989 his son and Anheuser-Busch began running the team like a bad business. 

In 1996, the Brewery (as it is called) sold the team to a local group under which it began to turn around. I feel terrible for Joe Torre who was the manager from 1990-1995.

I would have given up too Joe.

Obviously it was not Joe for he led the Yanks to several World Series. He worked for a crappy owner and often took the blame for the mediocre play on the field. During this time the Birds were 351–354 with a winning % of  .498. If I didn't know how bad they were I could have figured it out by the nearly complete lack of Redbirds in insert sets-yeah, Ozzie,

Ray Lankford

, and some guy by the name of Gregg Jefferies

were included from time to time but it wasn’t too common for a Redbird to among the hot rookies and stars included in inserts etc. This makes the task of collecting them easier to say the least. However, I guess these days there are enough inserts for us to collect.


  1. Man... if I did something like this for the Padres... I'd need to dedicate seven to ten posts ;-)

    By the way... that Ozzie Ring Leaders card is awesome!

  2. Their pitching this year though is a real bright spot. Could be a key to their future.