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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bad news, but not the worst news ever.

Today of course we received word that Yadi is most likely out for the season because of what was thought to be a sprained wrist but turns out to be a torn thumb ligament and now he is out for 8-12 weeks which at the high end is October and the low end September. Forecasts are cloudy for the Redbirds and their post season hopes. I would like to think that a single player shouldn't bring down a team. We lost Waino and won a World Series so I am optimistic for the "Boys".  I hope this is the inspiration for the team to play harder.
Yes Yadi needs a hug.


  1. Maybe they will make a splash in the trade market. David Price and Jose Molina!

  2. That would be a hoot, Then they would have the slowest catcher in the MLB.