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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not Wainos' World Tonight

I am bummed for Waino for his one inning of work. Can't say I watched the whole game. I got off at 6pm PST and got home a little after 7. So I scanned through the shindig that kicks off the game. So we were pumped to see Adam go for the National League. However, by the end of the second inning I tuned out and ended up scanning through a good part of the game. Do you remember when they assigned the World Series home field advantage by odd and even years.
Waino needs a hug too.


  1. The Cardinals pitchers had rough outings. He paid the price for grooving that fastball to Jeter. Hard to have a guy on second base with Trout and Miggy coming up.

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  3. weird yoga spam post. Any who at least Cutch had a good game.