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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blaster box from hadies

My wife and I stopped by our local Target today and I spotted a couple of the those $12.99 blaster boxes that our Target rarely has when I visit. So I picked up a 2013 Bowman and a 2013 Bowman Platinum. All was good with the regular Bowman. But when I opened the first pack in the Platinum blaster I noticed the pack was open and the back of some junk wax was peeking through. Wtf!!!!!! Sure enough every pack had been slit open rifled through with the first being all 1988 Leaf!!!!! I examined the blaster wrapping and I could see where the a#@ H*&@ slit the plastic then reshrunk wrapped it after taking all of the hits out. I should take it back but who the heck would believe me. The best card in the pack?

Has any one ever had this happen? I sure haven't.


  1. I opened a 2009 Upper Deck blaster box and all the packs were open with all the base cards laying in the box without the relic the box was supposed to have. I was not happy. You my friend though, got even worse luck than I did.

  2. That sucks! Several blasters and one stinker.

  3. Wow, that is awful. Maybe you could at least bring it to the managers attention. It boggles my mind that people search packs like that.

  4. I thought about it but I thought to myself-if I were a manager would I believe me?

  5. I've heard of that so many times. I always go over blasters very carefully before I buy them. Sorry you had to experience that first hand.

    1. thank you, I now know the tail tell signs and hope not to get skunked again