1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Better than a Blaster #6 Part Dos.

What is better than a blaster of 2012 A&G at 40% off retail? Two 2012 A&G blasters at 40% off.

How did I do with the second blaster? How about some more Cardinals' love!
I have been trying to complete the 2013 A&G minis and their parallels. But I am not sure I will try 2012 but I sure do like 'em . A Mo, a Miggy, and a Cargo, watching the Rockies and Pirates game-not good, unless you are a Pirates fan.
A mini insert Musical Masters Dvorak  1:5 packs.

A few Hall of Famers and a possible future one.

 I loved to watch this one but I sure wouldn't have wanted to play for him-Mr. Bobby Knight.


  1. Wow, nice batch there. Musial, Clemente, Robinson, and Yastrzemski, good score.

  2. yeah right-some times you get lucky-