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Monday, March 24, 2014

Yadi Card of the week #8

This week’s Yadi card is 2010 Topps Series 1 #WTWY YM When They Were Young.  Part of an insert set in Topps’ 2010 Series 1 flagship issue the set consisted of 18 Major Leaguers when they, as the title indicates, were young. The set included among others David Ortiz, Justin Verlander, and Jason Berken, Jason who? The odds of pulling this insert were 1:6 hobby packs and 1:8 retail packs.

Let us take a look at the card. Yadi is in a red, white, and blue uniform (Puerto Rico’s colors). I assume this is a Little League type team. I can’t make out the team but it looks like Parderos. A more recent Yadi picture is in the bottom left hand corner. There are three things I find hilarious about this card; first are the two guys standing behind him, family? Second, he is wearing a batter’s glove.  I mean that is adorable. Lastly, is his I don’t want my picture taken why are you doing this to me look. All surrounded by a border reminiscent of 1980 Topps. The reverse has Yadi’s name, team, and position in black along the top, below which is a white stripe that names his high school (Maestro Ladi H.S), then a short blurb about he and his family in green. I can’t say it is a great Yadi card but it is fun to see him so young and in his uni.

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