1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Cards.

How do you get your PC cards? For us we have Sportslots, COMC (which I have yet to buy from), Just Commons, and the Bay. The closest LCS is in either Hollister or San Jose and they really concentrate on the local teams which one expects. I have also picked up cards from Becket Market Place.  But what I have found difficult is locating the commons and inserts that are either uncommon or too common. I know many bloggers set up trades and send PWEs out which is great for the receiver and the sender. What ends up happening is I get on the Bay and pick up the Serial # cards, and the more uncommon cards.  This is not only cost $$ but is also inefficient as Yadi will hit the 1150ish card mark this year and I really want to get those cards that we can to whittle down the want list. Also on the Bay I have come up with a bidding strategy. I set a limit for #d cards based on year, and amount. So for a 2012 non-auto card that is #d to 50 I will bid X, to 25 X, etc. This has really helped to reduce the $$$ spent. Occasionally and in spite of my extensive lists I pick up a card we have already.


  1. I pick up most of my cards on COMC, but will also buy stuff one eBay too. Every now and then, I'll pull off a blog trade or receive a care package from fellow bloggers. I'll also find cards I want at the flea market and card shows. By the way... if you're in San Jose this weekend, GTSM is having their big show at the Santa Clara County Convention Center.

  2. I plan on hitting up COMC and was going to do so this week but then I blew my budget on two Yadi autos mm...Thanks for the beds up on the card show-I had thought it was coming up, but as luck would have it my in-laws are driving up from SD, for the first time in 6 months, tomorrow arrrr. Fuji I have read on your blog there are shows at the GreatMall? When is the next one? I could do a double, Dim Sum at Mayflower and cad buying. Cheers B

    1. Yeah... I'm pretty sure the Great Mall still has shows. I stopped going to that one, but they used to run 3 to 4 times a year. There's also one at Hilltop Mall as well.

      The only mall show that I'll make the journey to is the Serramonte Mall Show that takes place twice a year (maybe three times). That one usually has at least three people with dime boxes. One guys loads his up with 90's inserts and parallels if that's your thing (I know that's what I love looking for).

      I'd love to add a Molina autograph to my PC... but they command a little too much money for my budget. Congrats on picking up two for yours.