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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Who is the best catcher in MLB?

A recent ARPSmith post asked who do you think is the best catcher in baseball. AARP and a commenter picked Buster over Yadi in terms of offense and Yadi on the offensive side. Even though I am a Cards and Yadi fan it got me thinking back to last year when I was “discussing” with some Giant’s fans at work who’s the best catcher in baseball. The discussion centered on the offensive side. I went to MLB.com and what I discovered was interesting.  The MLB offensive totals (MLB) for last year show that Joe Mauer of the Twins was ranked higher in average, OBP, and OPS. Yadi had better totals but 50 more at bats. So how did Yadi and Buster match up? The assumption is Buster is better offensively so let us see. I expect Yadi to regress a little this year and Buster to bounce back.

NL 2013 Stats
2 Yadi Games 136, AB 505, R 68, BB 80, SO 55, SB 3, AVG .319,SLG .477, OPS  .836
3 Buster Games 148, AB 520, R 61, BB 72, SO 70, SB 2, AVG  .294, SLG .450, OPS .821

According to MLB.com Yadi wasn't the best MLB defensive catcher last year and as matter of fact MLB.COM indicates that Yadi is 6th overall in defense that honor goes to Mr. Martin of the Bucs. 

How did Yadi compare to the MVP?  Andrew McCutchen was 7th over all in NL offense and Yadi 4th. How did they  compare defensively?  In the NL the MVP was 60th overall and Yadi 20th . Not that I had any respect for the MVP voting to begin with this leaves me with even less respect for the process. I also really like ‘Cutch but I think the whole Bucs Cinderella season stuff and the anti-Cardinal bias of the voters led to Yadi not being chosen MVP. 


  1. Kurt Suzuki gets my vote ;-)

    1. He was my catcher on a few fantasy teams when he came up with the A's. I can root for him again now he moved on from the Nats.