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Saturday, March 1, 2014

2014 Turkey Red

Last year we didn’t buy a Turkey Red “box” and I made sure this year would be different. Turkey Ted 2014 is either a really small expensive box, or a large expensive pack either way let us see what it brought us.

The cards are framed and are an attractive orangish with the reverse a tan color that has a box with a short story about the player which is very plain but to the point. I didn’t note the cards in the order I pulled them so below are the cards in numerical order followed up by the hits.  

Here are the non-hit cards we pulled I chose my favs:

#33 Jean Segura
#43 Wil Meyers

#46 Alonso Yonder
#57 Matt Moore
#61 Jose Bauttista
#66 Matt Cain

#80 Andy Pettitte
#85 Chase Utley
#92 Andrew McCutchen

Our “hits”

#56 Matt “Dreamy Eyes” Carpenter (OK, not a hit but to us a Cardinal is a hit)

#TRA-8 Andre Rienzo-White Sox Autograph #334 of #499. 

Rienzo is a Brazilian born pitcher who was suspended in 2012 for 50 games because of PEDs, which begs the question why is he in this set? I guess because he has been on the White Sox’s 40-man roster since 2012.

Over all I enjoyed opening the “box” and next year I will get two. I think the base cards we received were good, the “hit” not so good. At least, it isn’t good now and this may change if Rienzo turns out to be a solid pitcher in the MLB.

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