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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brutal assessment of one of my CBS fantasy teams

t's a long way to October, but Wolfpack have won the first round, winding up with the top ranked draft. Coach David's squad, led by Ryan Braun, are projected to wind up with 53 category points. That's 31 more points than Angels are projected to come up with. Coach Vaughn will have all year to prove us wrong, but for now, Angels are slated to finish in last place.
While your squad might not quite be Wolfpack, you're not far off, finishing in 2nd place. Your success came despite your outfielders, who are projected to be the 3rd worst in the league. But at least you are better at that position than...
Lumber Company, who have the worst outfielders in the league. Coach Gene will have to trot out Michael Bourn, Carl Crawford, and Marlon Byrd into the starting lineup. STUDOGS, meanwhile, are the class of the league in that area, with outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury, Adam Jones, and Bryce Harper.
Your strength is mainly in your infielders, who project out to be the 2nd best in the league. That outstanding group is part of the reason why you are expected to wind up in 1st place in the BA category.
Turning to individual picks, we tapped STUDOGS as having made the best pickup with Joe Mauer in the 107th slot. He was projected to be off the board a full 75 picks earlier. On the other hand, Angels made the worst move of the draft. Coach Vaughn selected Yoenis Cespedes with the 8th pick, which we pegged as a serious reach.

Your best pick up of the draft was Stephen Strasburg, who was expected to have been selected in the 28th slot, but who you got with pick #87. However, you mixed in some duds as well, the worst of whom was Billy Hamilton, taken 32 spots ahead of what his average draft position suggests.

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