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Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Brutal Assessment of one of My CBS Fantasy Teams, Dead Last This Time!

It's a long way to October, but Twins have won the first round, winding up with the top ranked draft. Coach Ethan's squad, led by Paul Goldschmidt, are projected to wind up with 55 category points. That's 33 more points than you are projected to come up with. You will have all year to prove us wrong, but for now, you are slated to finish in last place.
Long Ballers 2 are expected to be better than that overall, and much better on the hitters front, where they have the best group in the league. Coach Donald can trot out Troy Tulowitzki, Bryce Harper, and Edwin Encarnacion into the starting lineup. DOOMED, meanwhile, are the worst in the league in that area, with Lorenzo Cain, Dayan Viciedo, and Yunel Escobar g! racing the starting lineup.
Unfortunately, you didn't have any position groups that really stood out. Your best position is your outfielders, who project out to be the 8th best in the league. That group will include the likes of Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, and Kole Calhoun.
Turning to individual picks, we tapped cegars as having made the best pickup with Yu Darvish in the 130th slot. He was projected to be off the board a full 110 picks earlier. On the other hand, you made the worst move of the draft. You selected Yadier Molina with the 2nd pick, which we pegged as a serious reach.
Additional Notes:
Despite your team having less than stellar projections, you might have room to surprise, as your squad is the youngest in the league.

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