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Saturday, March 8, 2014

How much is that little auto in the window?

I have been bidding on some Topps 2014 Finest Autos and actually to my surprise won one of the # to 99, as well as a rookie auto.

I am surprised because I must have bid on a dozen or so of the Finest and have always bid to a certain $ and stopped figuring if we win one great if not great too. Because my PC goal for us is to whittle down the number of base and inexpensive inserts as possible as the # of Yadi cards will go over the 1000 mark this year I not concerned about picking up every Yadi auto out there. In fact, I suspect the prices will come down over time, or at least I hope they do.

We have a few Yadi auto cards in our collection and I have been curious how many different cards Yadi has signed and how many copies of these were produced because those that do appear on EBay are usually going for high $$ amount via bidding or buy now. So I reviewed our want and have lists and below is the results give or take.

# of Issues          Year  Total Signed
3                     2002     525
17                     2004  1070
15                     2005  1130
15                     2006  618
6                     2009  142
7                     2014  132
Total Diff                          Total
63                          3617

In the roughly 12.5 years he has been in professional baseball he has signed relatively few different cards and there has been 8 years when no Yadi auto cards were produced. I have tried to determine the actual # of potential autos available but there are a few issues that I am unable to locate actual #s produced. Yadi has not been an active signer at events, conventions, etc. Steiner lawsuit, and 2014 Cardinals Winter Warm Up. Still it is nice to have your favorite player’s auto.

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