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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yadi Card or Cards of the week #2

This week I choose the 2002 Just Prospects Yadi (Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League). The 2002 Just Prospects contained 6 Yadi cards; a base, a gold, a black , a gold auto # to 300, a base auto # to 200, and a black auto # to 25.  Another rookie in this set, and which it may be more famous for is Joe Mauer. The only information I could find on boxes for this product was for the Just Prospects Gold. Each box of Just Prospects Gold came with 1 autographed mini helmet, 1 complete gold set, 2 #ed auto cards,  and one short printed rookie card.

The cards are not what one would call attractive, matter of fact they look like mediocre paintings.

Below is the auto base, gold, and black cards. Each of these has an auto version. The base and gold cards are easier to find than the black. The base auto, which I have, is  easy to pick up on Ebay for about $20.

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