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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yadi Card of the Week #4

For this week’s card I have to go with the 2005 Fleer Tradition #327. Do I really need to write why this card? If I must, this is a wonderful Yadi card. Not only is Yadi’s handsome mug on the front he shares this card with his homeboy Waino with his trademark big ol’ Southern smile. This is a double great card for this week’s posting.

Who is Evan Rust? Evan is from Santa Rosa here in the Bay area. Santa Rosa is also the home of Russian River Brewing. Rust was a rightie reliever. He began with Princeton in the Rookie League in 2000 then ended his minor league career with the AAA Memphis Redbirds in 2005. He never made it the big show. Let us get to the card.

This card  is in a horizontal format with the Fleer logo top left and the player’s name below their portraits, unfortunately Yadi isn’t the center portrait that honor going to Rust. The card is about 2/3s yellow with a blue band across the bottom.  The reverse of the card is laid out in a nice easy to read format with the player info in a yellow center band between two blue bands. The card stock of the Fleer Tradition set is on heavy stock which fits the retro theme. I wish I was collecting when this set came out because I think it really attractive.

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