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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Non Baseball Card ramblings.

Here are a few photos I have on my phone and I thought I would share with you all.

You think Yadi is happy for the season to start (this is my wife's avatar on my phone).

We took this at a Cardinals-Giants Game in SFO in April of 2007. You bet it was cold. I think Giants' fans were nicer then.

We took this at game one of the 2012 NCLS. Yep the Cardinals won. I remember getting the stink eye from one of the Giants' radio guys, can't remember which one. Also, please note the railing. We picked up these tickets at the last minuet. 

We took a tour of Busch Stadium III this past Christmas time. It was a great experience for us and to actually visit the KMOX broadcast booth and sit in Mike Shannon's chair was almost too much. The icing on the cake was to sit in the dugout (smaller than we thought).

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