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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 2014 Topps Series 1 parallel gold rush is on. The 21st century version of tulipomania?

I have been bidding on Yadi’s 2014 Series 1 parallels; the red hot foil, yellow and green retail versions,  and the black and camo. But prices seem to be off the charts for these cards. The yellow and green parallels are going for about $10 with shipping and the black for almost $20, ditto for the Camo . Yesterday I even spotted a Toys R Us purple on Ebay for $9.99 buy it now.

I am taken aback by the $$ these are going for now. As I have said before I have been bidding on these for our collection but I am only throwing bids out there for what I am certain they will be selling for in 6 months when the hoopla calms down and other sets are out there to track down.

I know the green and yellow parallels have been the most popular and I can see why as they really frame Yadi well. Look for these cards to posted here but it doesn’t look like this will be any time soon.

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