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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A few packs of 2012 Gypsy Queen to bust.

I stopped by a Target not far from where I work to buy my wife a V-Day card when I decided to check the baseball card bargain section. I read on a few blogs that some good packs can be had there. I spied three probable “victims” for a pack bust. One was a 2012 A&G, but alas the bottom was tore enough for someone to check for hits. The other two were 2012 Gypsy Queens, so I scored the two Gypsy Queens.
What did these packs reveal?
Pack one:
#174 Josh Beckett
#245 Darryl Strawberry (he currently lives outside of the STL in Lake STL and is clean and sober, way to go keep it up) 

I hated the Mets between 1984 and 1987. They were the Cards' mortal enemies and I even sported a "Mets are Pond Scum" T-shirt picked up at Venture. Heck, I think I have the shirt still.

#260 Curtis Granderson
#293 Yogi Berra (a native St. Louisian)

#53 Angel Pagan mini (regular) and ##-CR Hallmark Heroes Cal Ripken JR.

Overall some very attractive cards I really like the 2012 GQ.
Pack two:
This was a pitcher’s pack for sure.
#78 Sergio Santos
#91 Tim Hudson
#130 Justin Verlander
#155 Yovani Gallardo
#217 Eric Thames mini (regular)
MS-FR Mooonshots Frank Robinson. What an attractive card, yes purple is my favorite color not red, but not withstanding this is a nice card. Maybe I ought to put this insert set together?

It was great fun to pop these packs open because except for most of the Yadi 2012 GQ we have no other cards from this set.

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