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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Few Yadi pick ups from Ebay this week.

First up is the 2006 #540 Turkey Red Black.  I checked BaseballCardPedia and Cardboard Connection and they don’t have details on this set and the odds and distribution of the black parallels. I have seen a number of white versions for sale but no black ones.

The next two cards I am excited to have because they are limited Christian Day SGA issues, and I think the design of both cards is very good. The first card is the 2006 card. The front of the 2006 card has Yadi with his mask off daring a runner to try and steal off him. As with the other Christian Day cards there is a short bio on the back with a biblical passage. The 2008 card shows Yadi throwing the ball on the front and batting on the back.

I really like these designs and hope to get all of them for our collection. We have the 2007 card but are missing 2009 and there is a possible a 2005 issue too. Also at least one year has a Spanish version.

Funny story from one of our visits to San Francisco to see the Cards play. We attended a Cardinals-Giants Game at AT&T Park about 5 years ago and it was Jewish Heritage night. It was a great experience highlighted by a Rabbi blowing the rally ram’s horn. Too bad for them it didn’t work because the Cards won.  As an FYI San Francisco in the summer is cold. We needed blankets, coats, and gloves for the night game.

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