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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing Card Face Time.

For all of the PCs out there do you all pick up cards that have your player on it but are of a different player? Now this only works if you are able to see all cards in any given set, and you are more likely to find your PC on another team member’s card. Since I haven’t viewed every card of every issue this is a bit of a challenge. However, I have identified four base cards with Yadi from recent sets. This post will include three of these, as it is 5am as I write this and I don’t feel like digging through our Yadi collection to identify the 4th player.

Our rule of thumb is that Yadi has to be prominent and identifiable as the three cards below illustrate.

First up is 2011 Topps Update Matt Holliday #US260 All-Star subset. On this card you can see a smiling Yadi, Matt Holliday, and Lance Berkman. A solid card of three Cardinals who helped to bring home the 2011 trophy.

Second up is 2012 Topps Series I David Freese #291. This is a World Series highlight card showing David scoring the winning run in Game Six following his walk off home run. You can see Yadi smiling front and center waiting to celebrate the win. It really is a great card.

Some day I will write but Game Six and our experience.

The final card is 2013 Topps Series 1 Aaron Hill #302. Here you can see Yadi sliding into second base on the wrong side of a double play. What is awesome about this card is how the back of Yadi’s jersey is completely visible and you can clearly see Molina.

Of course all of these cards have a rainbow of parallels and the Freese and Hill cards have minis as well. Of the three players Holliday’s cards are a little more $$ and Hills the fewest.

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