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Monday, April 7, 2014

Yadi card of the week #10

The Yadi card or cards of the week is 2008 Topps Co-Signers #44. According to baseballcardpedia the Co-Signers set is hobby exclusive and consists of 112 cards. A high end product each 12-pack box should give up three autos including one multi-player and nine serial numbered parallels.  Parallels of Yadi’s #44 are Silver Red #d to 400, Silver Bronze #d to 300, Silver Blue #d to 250, Silver Green #d to 200, Silver Gold #d to 150, Hyper Plaid Red #d to 100, Hyper Plaid Bronze #d to 75, Hyper Plaid Blue #d to 50, Hyper Plaid Green #d to 25, Hyper Plaid Gold #d to 10, and Hyper Plaid Silver one-of-one.  On the parallels the STL logo to his left is replaced by a shot of Yadi in his catcher's gear throwing. This is in the color of the parallel.

There is also #44a on which Yadi and Troy Glaus share face time with the same parallels.

It would have made more sense to partner him up with a pitcher since he is a catcher, dah. I don’t think there is any reason why they would have Yadi share a card with Troy except to make more bank. Oddly enough many of the autos in this set are of boxers! What the…

OK, enough of my complaining let’s get to Yadi’s #44. Let's examine the base card, which is a very attractive white card with silver borders and a textured back ground. It has Yadi batting to the right side of the card with the STL logo to the left. Along the top right is St. Louis Cardinals; to the left of this is the Topps Co-Signers’ logo. Vertical to the left is St. Louis and Catcher. Finally along the bottom is Yadi’s name.

The reverse shows Yadi framed by a half border to his left and top in the color of the card. He is throwing in home uni. The graphics are simple but effective with STL logo prominent. It has his MLB batting record however this only begins with the 2005 season.  If #d it will be located in the top left. I find myself confused as to which ones we have, and if it wasn’t for the serial #d out of it can be a challenge to determine on the computer screen which one you are looking at. These Co-signers are not that difficult to locate though the #d to 25 or below are. More of these could pop up since there are some unopened boxes on EBay.

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