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Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Gypsy Queen Case Brea

Recently I participated in a case break of 2014 Gypsy Queen. I have only participated in one previous group break of 2013 A&G and I didn’t think I got my money's worth. So I reluctantly joined another one after strongly considering buying a box for myself, however the price of buying into the break was cheaper than a box so figuring all I wanted is the Cardinals so I bought in. What did we get as a result? Let’s get the most important cards out of the way. The break provided me with a base Yadi
                           , a regular Yadi mini,and a blue-framed Yadi # out of 499.

I was hoping for a mini variation but alas no. What next you say? How about some hall of famers, a base Lou Brock, a base Stan “The Man” and base and variation minis. A base Gibby as well as a blue-framed # out of 499.

No too shabby. How about the vets?  Craig base and variation minis. Did we get any Waino love? Why yes we did. We received a base Waino, a variation mini, a Dealing Aces insert, and the best of all Waino’s black printing plate!

I tried to buy the yellow this week but I didn’t go above $26 and lost it.  How did the young guns fair? The break gave us a black Matt Carpenter Mini # out of 199, but oddly no other Marps, not the SP base card or regular mini.  A Michael Wacha base and a Dealing Aces, a Matt Adams large relic X2, Carols Martinez auto, and Shelby Miller’s SP Base, variation and red bordered mini # out of 99.

I think we got our money’s worth. Sure we didn’t pull any big Yadi hits, but I will take Matt Adams relics, Carlos Martinez autos, and Waino printing plates all day. I am bummed that we didn’t get any base Marps so we don’t have the complete team set. We did receive several mini variations of Waino, Miller, and Craig. So again we don’t have the complete mini set. Up for trade are these variations for a Yadi variation, Marp mini and base.

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